Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If I Have A Wicked Stepmother...

Kantor, Melissa. 2005. If I Have A Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince?

Connor Pearson knows who I am, I found myself thinking. He knows my name. Of course, my name was just about the only thing he did know about me, but it was something. After all, what did Prince Charming know about Cinderella besides her shoe size?

Lucy Norton is one bitter, angry teen. After her father remarried, she finds herself moving across the country to live with her new stepmother and two stepsisters while her father, who is a lawyer, stays and finishes up on his cases. In her new home, she is given the unfurnished basement room with the promise that furniture will come soon. Meanwhile, she is told to make do with cardboard dresser drawers. Needless to say, seven months later, Lucy still has no furniture and is living in a room with only an air mattress. No closet. No dresser drawers. No tables. No chairs. No desk. Nothing. So who wouldn't be mad? The stepmother has had time to furnish and decorate every other room in the house. And Lucy's dad is deaf to her complaints. Yes, as Lucy sees it...she is the modern-day Cinderella. For her, Cinderella is a state of mind. As long as she's Cinderella she can't be herself. She can't face reality. The reality??? Her stepmother and stepsisters are not wicked. The reality? Her Prince Charming, Connor Pearson, is anything but a Prince. (As a reader you find yourself questioning...and she is attracted to him because of...?????) But as long as Cinderella is a game she plays with herself, she can't make peace with reality and who she really is. Cindrella is a victom role she plays for the majority of the novel. It's a role where she is always right. The poor girl who is so sweet, so right, but so unjustly treated.

Chapter One of If I Have A Wicked...

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