Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shannon Hale's Book of A Thousand Days

Hale, Shannon. 2007. Book of A Thousand Days.

Based on a tale from Brothers Grimm, Book Of A Thousand Days is an exciting read about a maid, a lady, two suitors, mistaken identities, disguises, love, and war. Dashti, our narrator, is a maid to the Lady Saren. The two, when the book opens, are being locked away in a dark tower because of the lady's refusal to marry the man her father has chosen: Khasar. The other suitor, the one she was secretly betrothed to, Khan Tegus, has been rejected by her father. The pair will remain locked away in the tower--under guard--for seven years. There is a cellar in the tower with what her father deems enough food for two to last seven years. But, let's say that the father didn't count on his girl's greediness nor the hunger of the rats.

Dashti is our heroine from the onset. Though she is a maid, she is the one our heart goes out to. She is the one we know is worthy of so much more. Saren, well, Saren is sullen and whiny and miserable and selfish and clingy. The book is a diary of their time together...their fears, their hopes, the dangers, their losses, etc.

I can't really relate much more without giving away too much...but I must say that this book was INCREDIBLE. I loved the story, loved the characters, loved the plot twists, loved the ending. It was satisfying from cover to cover.

This book--according to Amazon--will be released September 18, 2007. It will be released in the UK in March 2008.

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