Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Juliet Club

Kate is: Organized. Smart. Determined. Rational.
Kate has: recently been dumped by her boyfriend. And been accepted to the first-ever Shakespeare Seminar in Vernoa, Italy.
Kate needs: to fall in love again. Most likely with a dark-haired man with a foreign accent. (They're the best kind, after all.)
Kate thinks: that love is stupid. And that she can avoid it. (HA!)

Giacomo is: Dark Haired. Italian. Impetuous. A Flirt. A Heartbreaker.
Giacomo has: recently dumped his girlfriend. And is forced to attend the first-ever Shakespeare Seminar, since his mother is the one who organized it.
Giacomo needs: to fall in love. Most likely with a stubborn American who turns out to be irresistible.
Giacomo thinks: that Americans, this Shakespeare Seminar and everything else is stupid. And that he'll manage to flirt with everyone and never fall in love. (HA!)

My rational, critical brain thought the whole time I was reading this book: "These are stereotypical characters, doing predictable romantic plot things, without much emotion, and without much suspense or innovation." My non-rational, romance-loving, July-fluff brain thought the whole time I was reading this book: "I LOVE this! This is so TOTALLY perfect! YAY for Kate and Giacomo -- GREAT chemistry by the way -- and everyone else. Love RULES!"

The July-fluff side won. I loved this book.

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