Monday, December 22, 2008

Snowed In- Rachel Hawthorne

I was trying to get in the Christmas mood, so I decided to read books about Christmas and winter time. I absolutely love Rachel Hawthorne because I can vividly imagine everything that is going on in her books. Snowed In is about a girl named Ashleigh who just moved to an island in Northern Michigan with her mom, who decided to open a bed and breakfast in an old victorian house. Ashleigh is flattered when her mom names it after her, however, she neither is a morning person, nor likes to cook or clean. 

Ashleigh is the girl who doesn't have boyfriends; she just dates. This begins to pose a problem, because in the school she will be attending, there are about 12 people in each grade. The first person she meets, Nathalie, thinks it's weird that she doesn't have a boyfriend, because everyone on the island has a boyfriend. Ashleigh then meets Chase, the island 'player' according to Nathalie. When Ashleigh accepts a date from him, Nathalie warns her to be careful.

The next morning, Ashleigh meets Josh, who she first describes as a 'lumberjack.' He is working on the bed and breakfast with his dad. Ashleigh is attracted to Josh, but she finds out that Josh is Nathalie's boyfriend. She didn't know this before because Nathalie only referred to him as "my boyfriend" and never by a proper name.

Although Ashleigh still has feelings for Josh after this finding, she gives Chase a chance, only to find out that Chase has a secret himself.

This is the perfect winter read if you are looking for something light and happy. The ending, although extremely predictable, was still cute. Rachel Hawthorne creates the perfect mood for a winter romance, and provides it in a quick but entertaining read.  If you just want to curl up with a blanket and hot chocolate, this is the book for you!


Juju at Tales of said...

Maybe because of the change of seasons (not that we get much of that in Florida) but I am totally in the mood for stories like these. The kind that demand a blanket.

Anonymous said...

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